Cally Munchy is an afro-fusion street food business. Cally Munchy was looking for ways to expand its brand awareness and build a community of loyal customers. 

Using effective PR strategies I was able to make brand collaborations and get access to places like Carnaby street London where the brand was able to advertise and sell out! their new product, gaining a large following. Due to the popular demand of customers, the business was asked to return for a second time.


Furthermore working with the Cally Munchy brand I have been able to connect them to influencers with  180k+followers who are advertising their brand to their target audience such as Love Island's Micheal Boateng, Don't Jealous me and many more. I have also been able to increase their social media following and engagement by 30% thus increasing their brand awareness, maximising sales and developing campaigns that boosted their brand and allowed them to get further opportunities. 

PR Services 


PR & Business Consultancy Services

Working with Cally Munchy I have also been able to gain brand opportunities and collaborations with companies such as Westfield. I was able to secure the brand a contract where they are now trading in one of the most prominent and populated shopping malls in the UK with a footfall of 50 million people per year. 

Not only did I secure this opportunity for the brand, but I also worked on all aspects of the project from sourcing the van, design, and final delivery. 

Due to this Cally Munchy is now able to gain visibility, expand its business and have a physical space to operate from, where it can reach its customers and increase revenue. I am currently still working with the brand and have secured them 3 other opportunities for pop up stores and a restaurant coming soon.