GYMGUYZ is the first gym franchise in mobile personal training and home fitness across 29 states and 3 countries.


GYMGUYZ Kingston is the first GYMGUYZ  Franchise to Land in the UK. The business has only been running for 7 months but since using my services they have been able to gain access to influencers with a 500k following, and brand ambassadors such as benjamin Kayser and England Rugby world cup winner and question of sports star Matt Dawson

Working with the brand I have helped them develop from getting 10 leads a month to 600+ new leads through PR, influencers, campaign management and giveaways that are seen by 1 million people! 

I have also helped the brand increase the value of their services through brand collaborations with meal prep companies, physiology company and fitness equipment companies to help increase the value of service they are offering to their customers.