Grey Limbo




Ebenezer Sogunro: Founding Director

Nokuthula has worked excellently with Cally Munchy throughout this challenging year in successfully creating and managing several events, campaigns and strategies that increased our exposure and revenue. 

Despite so many last-minute changes from the government to the hospitality sector which was quite stressful, she still managed to pull off everything like the Carnaby street pop up. 

I am very grateful for her contribution to our office and very confident to say that she adds value wherever she works, going beyond the expected parameters of her job. 



Annabel Campbell: Director

We were very pleased to have Nokuthula come on board with us. She reviewed our brands business model and came up with a strategy to help us rebrand and clear some of our old stock which helped us increase social engagement and revenue.


Nokuthula was able to grasp the concept of our brand very quickly, creating themes and content to complement our products and overall image. Unfortunately, Zubi London did not have enough image content to allow her to fully utilise the Instagram feed however she quickly organised a photoshoot and campaign for us and made sure every post was tailored to our audience which drove traffic to the website.  


She was able to adapt quite quickly and make suggestions on improving our existing model. We were very pleased with her approach to problem-solving and generating new ideas. We would definitely consider her for future projects.

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Shad Straker: Director

Nokuthula has done an amazing job with us. When we launched, we only had a few leads coming in about 10-20 leads a month. Nokuthula has been able to help us get leads through creative and innovative strategies.

She got us 1,000 leads through just one marketing campaign and helped with influencer marketing. As a franchise new to the UK shes helped us get people that were way beyond our ability such as England's Rugby world cup winner and BBC presenter Matt Dawson who is now one of our ambassadors. She's helped us get other influencers with a total reach of half a million followers. 

Nokuthula has done an amazing job and helped us grow in exposure and revenue especially during the pandemic which would have been a difficult time for the business